Capital Whisky Club is run by a group of whisky lovers for whisky lovers. While we want everyone to enjoy themselves, we do expect a certain level of behaviour from people attending our events. Upon joining, all members agree to the following terms:

  1. Don’t be a dick. This is somewhat of a catch-all clause. If the admin team decides you’ve been a dick, your membership will be cancelled without any refund. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a warning first.
  2. Right of admission reserved. If you’re known to have broken rule 1 elsewhere in the past, you’re not coming in — and if you break rule 1 elsewhere while a member, you risk getting kicked out for it. The admin team’s decision is final on this and, indeed on all matters. If you would like to change the club’s position on this or any other matter, please stand at the new election.
  3. The admin team are all volunteers, and are all paid-up members too (no freebies, we all pay our way), so please be nice. We’re learning this as we go along, and there are doubtless things we’ve forgotten. So, the club reserves the right to change these membership terms at any time.
  4. Members are welcome to bring their own whisky to drink and share with others after our official Club tastings as long as they follow the rules listed on the Events page.
  5. Don’t flip Club exclusive bottles. We’d rather you open and share them. If you can’t do that, keep them for at least 18 months. Any Club exclusive bottle found outside your possession within 18 months (such as, but not limited to, at auction) without prior written permission from the Club admin team will result in your membership being cancelled without refund.
  6. Members are encouraged to split bottles and run tastings on a not-for-profit basis and advertise these on Club channels. The Club reserves the right to request details of the financials of a bottle split to ensure it is being run not-for-profit. The club is happy to advise on best practices for bottling, shipping, etc. Please contact us.
  7. The Club is run not-for-profit, accruing funds exclusively for the benefit of members. Affiliate links on any Club channel must only benefit the club. If you don’t know what an affiliate link is, this clause is unlikely to apply to you. If you post an affiliate link to any Club channel with any beneficiary other than the Club, you will receive a warning; a second offence will result in your membership being cancelled without refund. To make us some money, please visit the corresponding page.
  8. The Club is run not-for-profit, accruing funds exclusively for the benefit of its members. For-profit sales to Club members through any Club channel should produce some financial benefit to the Club. Bottle sales by retailers, for-profit private tastings, and so on that are advertised through Club channels, agree to donate a percentage of total monies received from each Club member to the Club membership pot, for the benefit of members, to be agreed in advance unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Club admin team. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of Rule 1.
  9. Don’t be a dick. It’s worth saying again. Just don’t.