Transparency and management

Capital Whisky Club is run on a not-for-profit basis and with a strong emphasis on transparency. As such, all membership fees and other monies received are publicly visible to members in a “membership pot”, and the proceeds are used to support member events, discount bottlings and selected charities.

The current value of the “membership pot” is:


Administration team

The Club is run by a team of administration officers who are accountable to the membership and are elected for two years. Admins are free to co-opt other members as officers as required to backfill positions or delegate tasks.

All roles are unpaid and run by volunteers who have also paid the membership fee — there are no free or honorary memberships. The next election for roles will occur in the spring/summer of 2025, and all 2025/2026 members are eligible to vote and stand for election.

The current team, in office from July 2023 to June 2025, are (in alphabetical order):

Carl Weatherhogg
Venue Liaison

  • Ensures all aspects of the Club’s needs at the venue are considered and in place
  • Works with the venue to ensure that the meetings of the Club fit the ethos and requirements of the venue and vice-versa

Carol Mackillop
Social Media Officer

  • Promotes the activities and successes of the Club
  • Highlights the Club’s upcoming events
  • Records tastings (through photo/video) to stand as a record and to encourage membership
  • Promotes the Club and its charity endeavours generally

Luke Goddard
Bottling Coordinator

  • Responsible for sourcing and producing Club-exclusive releases
  • Negotiates with suppliers for the purchase of casks/bulk liquid
  • Works with third-party bottlers to comply with all bottling regulations and requirements
  • Liaises with the rest of the admin team about the pricing and allocation of any Club bottlings produced

Marco Barisione
Technical Officer & Secretary

As Technical Officer:

  • Manages and maintains the website as a mechanism for communication and event bookings
  • Adds events and ticketing details for all tastings
  • Adds other things sold by the Club, including memberships and bottlings
  • Works collectively with the admin team to define all content requirements, style, appearance and functionality of the website
  • Ensures that our AV needs for remote tastings are satisfied

As Secretary:

  • Makes sure the Club is run efficiently
  • Responsible for all loose threads related to the administration of the Club

Patrick Semark

  • Responsible for the Club’s finances
  • Deals efficiently and effectively with all invoices and bills
  • Keeps records up-to-date
  • Manages the annual member renewal process
  • Ensures Club funds are responsibly spent

Sabine Glienke
Tastings Coordinator & President

As Tasting Coordinator:

  • Responsible for the schedule of monthly tasting events
  • Works with brands (or with Club members who know brands) to produce a varied and appealing schedule of tastings
  • Liaises with Admin Team meeting for group approval on format/cost/charity aspects and administration of all events
  • Liaises with the Technical Officer for all aspects around putting the event on sale, including preparing the sales listing for the website

As President:

  • This is primarily an honorary position as head of the Club 
  • Liaison with partner bars