We meet on the second Thursday of the month at Melody Whisky Bar (in Hammersmith, London) every second Thursday of the month from 7 pm, and usually simultaneously over Zoom with the samples sent out to members who cannot make it to Melody. Occasionally, other events are organised in an ad-hoc way.

Events take various forms — from brand-led explorations to distillery verticals and horizons, together with blind drams evenings and member-led events where participants bring a bottle to present and enjoy!

All our events are advertised in advance on our WhatsApp announcements channel and sold via our shop.

Members are welcome to bring their own whisky to drink and share with others after the end of our Club tastings. We have a few rules to ensure the night is pleasant for everybody attending. See below for details.
We welcome donations of any leftovers to the Club cages for other members to enjoy at a later date.

All Capital Whisky Club tastings are non-refundable, non-transferable, and for members only. If you are unable to attend after purchase, please let us know by emailing info@capitalwhisky.club as soon as possible so we can try to resell your ticket.

Non-local members planning a trip to London

Some of our members live outside London, which makes it more difficult for them to attend tastings. If you are in this situation but you planned a trip to London in the same period as a tasting, please contact the admin team. We may be able to reserve a ticket for you to ensure that remote members can occasionally attend our tastings!

Attending at Melody

Bar credit and staff tip

All tickets at Melody include a £10 bar credit valid against food and drinks on the night or at any time until the day before the next Club tasting. Please speak to the bar staff to have your credit applied to your bill.

Tickets also include a £5 tip, which is shared among the bar and restaurant staff on the night.

Food availability

During tastings, you are welcome to order food from the special menu Melody provides. This only contains cold dishes, which are unlikely to disturb other attendees with their smell.

You are, of course, welcome to use the upstairs bar and restaurant before the start of the tasting. Several of our members do so, so feel free to join them!

Attending remotely over Zoom

  • All remote tickets include a £10 surplus to cover postage and packaging and the new AV devices we bought to improve remote tastings.
  • Bottles are sent at your risk and to the UK only (usually via the 48h Tracked Royal Mail service).
  • Please ensure you can attend. Great effort goes into hosting these events, and this isn’t a drams-by-post service.
  • Please turn your camera feed on and enjoy your tasting experience with other remote attendees.

Sharing your own whisky

Members are welcome to bring their own whisky to drink and share with others after the official Club tastings.

Being allowed to bring our own whisky to share is a privilege and something we would not be allowed to do elsewhere, so to ensure the night is pleasant for everybody attending and that we maintain this privilege, we have a few important rules to follow:

  • Be mindful of how much you drink before the tasting even starts. Is it wise to drink a few whiskies before spending a night drinking more whisky?
  • The sharing of whiskies brought from home is strictly limited to AFTER the official tasting.
  • ⁠Each member is only allowed to bring either ONE OPEN BOTTLE of their own whisky or 2 to 3 minis. In either case, please do not share more than 200ml.
  • Please don’t bring full bottles to open at the tasting. Please only bring already opened bottles. If you want to open a new bottle for the night, please open it at home and save the other half for later. There will already be a lot of extra whisky floating around.
  • ⁠Be reasonable. Please don’t pour massive drams for each whisky you want to try.
  • The free sharing part of the event stops promptly at 10 pm. There will be a “last call” at 9:45 pm so everyone can finish their last dram before 10 pm. Don’t bring any glasses upstairs. Make sure you finish your own whiskies downstairs before 10 pm.
  • After that, members are welcome to stay in the bar while it’s open as long as they behave appropriately.
  • Once the bar closes, everybody who is not staying at the hotel should leave.

Let’s make sure every tasting is a happy memory without a sour aftertaste!