Splitting bottles is a great way to try many different whiskies without owning a whole bottle.

Club members can organise bottle splits on a not-for-profit basis and advertise them on Club channels. The Club reserves the right to request details of the financials of a bottle split to ensure it is being run not-for-profit.

How do I join a split?

  1. Join the “CWC 🥃 Split” WhatsApp group in the Club’s community and wait for an interesting split proposal.
  2. If interested, use the thumbs-up emoji 👍 to signal your interest, or if the member organising the split shared a WhatsApp group link, join the group.
  3. Please avoid chatting on the splits channel! The hope is that members will keep notifications switched on for this group, so noise must be kept to a minimum.
  4. Once the split is confirmed, pay following the instructions provided by the member organising the split. (If in a group for the split, check the group description for details.)
  5. Most members use PayPal for payments. Use the provided link or username to find the member on the PayPal website or app.
  6. Type in the agreed amount.
  7. Add your full name and delivery address to the comment box.
  8. Submit the payment and select the “Friends & Family” option.

How do I run a split?

  1. Find one or more bottles you would like to split. It can be bottles you already own or would like to buy.
  2. Decide what size drams to offer (common sizes are 30 or 50ml) and calculate the cost, including packaging and postage (see below). All splits must be at cost!
  3. If you are unsure whether to proceed or not (for instance, because you haven’t bought the bottle yet), post on the “CWC 🥃 Split” WhatsApp group to gauge interest in the split (including the expected cost). Members who want to join can use the thumbs-up emoji 👍 to signal their interest.
  4. Create a WhatsApp group for the split and put your PayPal details in the description. Invite all the people who already expressed interest and share the joining link on “CWC 🥃 Split”.
  5. Bottle the whisky! We recommend using flat HDPE plastic bottles. For instance, you can buy them from the Consumables Company (category: “Postal packs”).
  6. Buy and apply the appropriate postage. To avoid headaches due to Royal Mail’s unreliability, we recommend the “48h Tracked” service.
    • If you regularly organise splits, consider buying printable sticker paper and using the Click & Drop Royal Mail service to apply postage and generate printable labels.