Election of Club Officers 2023/24

Capital Whisky Club was established and has been built through genuine member participation and volunteering efforts. The bi-annual election of the Admin Team not only provides a mechanism for keeping the Club running, it also allows Club members to select the individuals who they believe are best suited to take the Club forward for the next two years.

Votes are anonymous, but the fact that you have voted will be available to the next Admin Team who could choose to use it as a positive weight in future weighted ballots.

Express your democratic right. Please vote!

Nomination and election process

  • Nominations are now open
  • To nominate yourself for a position please email your name, the position you’re standing a recent headshot photo and an optional two/three sentence candidate statement to matt@dunphaildistillery.com
  • Nominations will close at midday on Sunday 28th May
  • Voting will commence on Tuesday 30th May and end at midnight on Sunday 4th June. All nominations received will be displayed on the Capital Whisky Club website during this time
  • All members are eligible to vote and may vote once for each Admin Team role
  • To be successfully elected a candidate must receive either the highest number of votes for a contested position or over 50% of the vote for an uncontested position
  • The results of the election will be announced at the Club meeting scheduled to be held on Thursday 8th June

 Admin team positions


  • Responsible for Club finances
  • Deal efficiently and effectively with all invoices and bills
  • Keep records up-to-date
  • Manage the annual member renewal process
  • Ensure Club funds are responsibly spent

Technical Officer

  • Manage and maintain the website as a mechanism for communication and event bookings
  • Add events and ticketing details for all tastings
  • Add other things sold by the Club including memberships and bottlings
  • Work collectively with the Admin Team to define all content requirements, style, appearance and the functionality of website (currently WordPress but could be changed)

Membership Liaison

  • Responsible for the overall membership experience
  • Act as first point of contact for the Club – both internally and externally
  • Deal with all queries – either directly or through liaison with other Admin Team members

Tastings Coordinator

  • Responsible for the schedule of monthly tasting events
  • Works with brands (or with Club members who know brands) to produce a varied and appealing schedule of tastings
  • Liaises with Admin Team meeting for group approval on format/cost/charity aspects and administration of all events
  • Liaises with the Technical Officer for all aspects around putting the event on sale, including preparing the sales listing for the website

Venue Liaison

  • Ensures all aspects of the Club’s meetings at the venue are considered and in-place. E.G. meeting space, AV requirements
  • Works with the venue to ensure that the meetings of the Club fit the ethos and requirements of the venue and vice-versa

Bottling Coordinator

  • Responsible for sourcing and producing Club exclusive releases
  • Negotiates price/deal with suppliers for the purchase of casks/bulk liquid
  • Works with 3rd party bottlers to comply with all bottling regulations and requirements
  • Liaises with Admin Team members about the pricing and allocation of any Club bottlings produced

Social Media Officer

  • Promotes the activities and successes of the Club
  • Highlights the Club’s upcoming events
  • Records tastings (through photo/video) to stand as a record and to encourage membership
  • Promotes the Club and its charity endeavours generally

N.B. Upon election, the 2023/24 Admin Team must select one of their number to also take on the role of President. This is largely an honorary position, but also comes with the added responsibility of liaison with Partner Bar